Monday, March 17, 2014

     "Oh my god, are you serious!" I exclaimed when he "accidentally" splashed me with his paddle.
     The canoe floated glided on the lake like we were floating on air. We started to approach an island and we decided to explore. We paddled our canoe onto the shore and T.J. got out and went to pull the canoe further onto the shore. He stepped out onto the marshy ground and slipped and fell onto the wet moss and soaked his entire back. I screamed laughing at the face he made when he went down. I quickly got out of the canoe and helped him up and brushed him off. We both pulled the canoe up more and we threw the paddles into it. I saw something move in the greenery that was coating the ground and realized it was a tiny frog. I spent 10 minutes hopping around like it was in an attempt to catch it. Finally I cupped my hands and trapped it underneath it. I help it my hand and stared at it and awed at how cute it was and how small it was.

     The island appeared to be small and stop at a wall of trees but we walked across a log that crossed and little river running through it and found a little passage through the brush and trees. This brought us to a clearing with a small cluster of trees in the center. There we spotted a family of deer grazing in the shade of the trees. We walked slowly down a hill and into the clearing and got close to the baby deer. it stared at us but didn't run away. The mama deer didn't see us but when it did it ran into some bushes. It was so cute. The wood seemed to go on forever. 
     After exploring for a little we headed back to the canoe and we paddled back to the beach. It started to rain and the way the rain looked on the water and the way we were feeling was likrs omething you would see in a movie.

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