Thursday, October 31, 2013

In my bike drawing I used only graphite pencil. I learned a lot about composition
and how the more abstract the composition of the drawing is, the more interesting it will be. I learned about value too and how shading creates shadows that make the picture have depth and that with metal the only thing that can be white is the shine. I did better than I thought I would but I still have more to learn about value and shading.
In my candy drawing I used colored pencil for almost the entire drawing. I learned a lot about how to create value using different shades of colors instead of regular pencil. I found this pretty difficult but i love drawing with colored pencil because of the way they blend together and how creamy the color is.

The difference between my bike drawing and my candy drawing is very noticeable. In my bike drawing it looks more realistic because I found it easier to create value with regular graphite pencils rather then colored pencil. Using colored pencils was a lot more fun because of the white pencil that was used for the shine. This was especially fun when drawing the celliphane on the mint candy.