Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fortune Cookie Book Page

I used my fortune to inspire me in a abstract and broad way. My fortunes were mostly about being vane and pompous and some were about trying to soften that so I did bright and intense colors with a mask on top like clouds and just used light soft colors.

Art x3

I liked this project because if there was something on the piece of art that you liked you could play off of it and if it was something you didn't like you could try to make it less apparent. I hated letting go of my half finished work but it was fun anyway.

Pop Print

For my pop print I chose to use my iPhone as the image for the print. I chose this because it is something that consumes my generation. For this project we had to do a drawing of the item and then rub them on a rubber stamp so that the image transferred. We then trashed the p ensign lines on the stamp with marker. This made it easier to see when we carved the rubber away to make the image stamp-able. We then rolled ink on the finished stamp and and stamped the image over and over and overs and over and over again.
Then I cut the paper just for fun.