Thursday, November 14, 2013

The items that our class collected for this collection of blue items tell a lot about our society. There are very few things on the table and in the collection that we actually need. There was one thing that was for learning and only a few for cleaning and cooking but the majority of the things we just little trinkets. Our society is so materialistic and that definitely shows. This bothers me in a way but at the same time that is the one thing about America that sticks out to me. We have excess. We have excess of everything; clothes, money, cars, food, electronics, and just random stuff that you would find at the dollar store that have no use. I think that that definitely sums up my generation as a whole. 

Collecting vs. Hoarding

In my opinion there is a big difference between hoarding and collecting. People who collect just find certain things interesting and like to see multiple variations of an object. People who hoard have emotional connections and feel like they will eventually have a use for stuff so they have trouble throwing things out. Plus collecting have a theme while hoarding is random.
the difference is clear.