Thursday, November 14, 2013

The items that our class collected for this collection of blue items tell a lot about our society. There are very few things on the table and in the collection that we actually need. There was one thing that was for learning and only a few for cleaning and cooking but the majority of the things we just little trinkets. Our society is so materialistic and that definitely shows. This bothers me in a way but at the same time that is the one thing about America that sticks out to me. We have excess. We have excess of everything; clothes, money, cars, food, electronics, and just random stuff that you would find at the dollar store that have no use. I think that that definitely sums up my generation as a whole. 

Collecting vs. Hoarding

In my opinion there is a big difference between hoarding and collecting. People who collect just find certain things interesting and like to see multiple variations of an object. People who hoard have emotional connections and feel like they will eventually have a use for stuff so they have trouble throwing things out. Plus collecting have a theme while hoarding is random.
the difference is clear.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

In my bike drawing I used only graphite pencil. I learned a lot about composition
and how the more abstract the composition of the drawing is, the more interesting it will be. I learned about value too and how shading creates shadows that make the picture have depth and that with metal the only thing that can be white is the shine. I did better than I thought I would but I still have more to learn about value and shading.
In my candy drawing I used colored pencil for almost the entire drawing. I learned a lot about how to create value using different shades of colors instead of regular pencil. I found this pretty difficult but i love drawing with colored pencil because of the way they blend together and how creamy the color is.

The difference between my bike drawing and my candy drawing is very noticeable. In my bike drawing it looks more realistic because I found it easier to create value with regular graphite pencils rather then colored pencil. Using colored pencils was a lot more fun because of the white pencil that was used for the shine. This was especially fun when drawing the celliphane on the mint candy.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


This is my second year in Mrs. Kiick's creative arts class. I am here again because it makes it possible for me to make it through the school day. I love that I have the class the last oeriod of the day because I can get all of my frustrations and other feelings that build up in me throughout the day into my art.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

     He love sailing more than anything. It was his escape. Sitting in his home on The peninsula of Damerascotta, he puffed a pipe and thought about his beautiful Belle. That's what his ship had been named before it was lost at sea forever. He had almost wished he had gone down with her. There wasn't much he could do except for find another sail boat. So that's exactly what he did. He stood up from his rocking chair, made from the mast he had clung on to. He headed down to a dock near by where his friend bought old ships for resale. 
     He was led down the dock while his friend Jamison talked and talked and pointed out boats. When they reached the end of the dock they stopped at a ship that was definitely one of a kind. The sails were not made out of linen nor cotton. These sails were butterflies. Occasionally their wings even flapped gently. He was completely mesmerized. Who would give up such a magnificent ship? He thought to himself. 
     "I'll take it," he said.
     He signed some papers and payed with cash and was already off sailing. Once he reached deeper water he noticed that moving the wheel wasn't working to steer the boat and neither was the tiller. He noticed the wings of the butterflies were controlling the boat.They sailed straight towards the sun and there was nothing he could do. Just like moths, butterflies are attracted to the light. There was no getting off that ship.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Salvador Dali

     Salvador Dali was born May 11, 1904, in Figueres, Spain. In 1922, when Dali was 18, he enrolled in Acadamia de San Fernando. He inspired by many styles of art while he was a student there, including cubism, surrealism, impressionism, and metaphysics. In 1923 Dali was suspended for criticizing his teacher and starting a riot among the students. Dali's art was shown in many films, including Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound in 1945. During World War I Salvador and his wife moved to the United States and stayed there until 1948. The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York gave him his own retrospective exhibit in 1941. This was followed by the publication of his autobiography, The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí, in 1942. In 1980, Dalí was forced to retire from painting due to a motor disorder that caused permanent trembling and weakness in his hands. He was not able to hold a paint brush, and lost the ability to express himself in the way he knew best. On January 23, 1989, he died of heart failure at the age of 84.
       I like Salvador Dali because a lot of his painting are out of the ordinary, interesting, and bizarre. He was very experimental with his work and I appreciate the styles he played around with through out this career. As another little random fact; Salvador Dali and I share a birth date.

 Salvador Dali 1904-1989

This painting appeals to me because of the abstract way he painted the legs of the animals and how it made them seem mystically big.
I like painting is probably one of the most known of Salvador Dalis'. I like this because when I see the appearance of the clock melting, it is pleasant on my artistic eye.
This painting is my favorite one by Salvador Dalli because I love the color, texture, and feel of it. The butterflies give me a childish fantasy like impression from this and it is exciting and creative.