Thursday, April 11, 2013

     He love sailing more than anything. It was his escape. Sitting in his home on The peninsula of Damerascotta, he puffed a pipe and thought about his beautiful Belle. That's what his ship had been named before it was lost at sea forever. He had almost wished he had gone down with her. There wasn't much he could do except for find another sail boat. So that's exactly what he did. He stood up from his rocking chair, made from the mast he had clung on to. He headed down to a dock near by where his friend bought old ships for resale. 
     He was led down the dock while his friend Jamison talked and talked and pointed out boats. When they reached the end of the dock they stopped at a ship that was definitely one of a kind. The sails were not made out of linen nor cotton. These sails were butterflies. Occasionally their wings even flapped gently. He was completely mesmerized. Who would give up such a magnificent ship? He thought to himself. 
     "I'll take it," he said.
     He signed some papers and payed with cash and was already off sailing. Once he reached deeper water he noticed that moving the wheel wasn't working to steer the boat and neither was the tiller. He noticed the wings of the butterflies were controlling the boat.They sailed straight towards the sun and there was nothing he could do. Just like moths, butterflies are attracted to the light. There was no getting off that ship.